Windows 10 vs Windows 11: Full Comparison & Winner

Once you complete the steps, the process will apply the settings and direct you to the Windows 11 desktop. I was able to get around the MS account by installing win 10 pro first with a local account , then updating to 11 pro. BUT, I pulled to sticks of ram out for testing and boom, local account gone. Either I buy another key, or sign in to MS account and say "I changed hardware." BS for sure.Changing RAM sticks should have NO issue with accounts and activation.

The final and most extreme way of installing Windows 11 involves using an ISO file. This is for methods where the steps mentioned in the section above do not work. Keep in mind, though, that using this file means you'll have to erase everything on your PC and clean install Windows 11.

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Additionally, Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 both require an Intel or AMD processor, whereas Windows 11 works with any processor. Another issue is the leakage of blue light through the red and green QD layers. Leakage of only a few percent would have a significant effect on the viewing experience, resulting in washed-out colors.

  • Perhaps it doesn't impact the newer architecture to quite the same degree it did older generations.
  • Windows 11 benefits from some new gaming-centric features, including Auto HDR, DirectStorage, and a more integrated Xbox app.
  • So don’t be surprised if you still haven’t been offered the switch, it’s probably a good thing because this should mean any bugs and problems will be sorted by the time you can upgrade.

And is now integrated directly into the Windows 11 Taskbar, making it easier to access (and a bit more like Apple's FaceTime). You can access Teams from Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. If you're ready to upgrade, you can kick things off by clicking the big Download And Install button. Before you do that, though, consider what can go wrong.

Windows 11 gets a window into gaming with this new widget

New gaming related features, if any are in the pipeline, will definitely be introduced in Windows 11. Auto HDR is a good feature that allows PC owners to have a near HDR experience on games that don’t support HDR natively. On certain games, Windows 11 will automatically prompt you to enable Auto HDR if disabled. However, to actually experience HDR gameplay on your PC you need to have an HDR compliant monitor first. Those who have non-HDR monitor/display the Download Auto HDR functionality will be disabled by default.

On my desktop this fall in fps didn’t happen when using Windows 10. I managed to offset this problem to a degree through Nvidia Experience by not ticking the overlay choice in Settings and ticking the box for Whisper Mode. There is no rush to upgrade to Windows 11 from a PC gaming point of view, because the gain is minimal, at best at this point.

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